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Be a part of the collective campaign engagement organised by Awaken Resistance for the called to seeks the public support for the #TreatmentNotPunish campaign movement, to creates the awareness engagement among the social societal in Singapore for the appropriate and adequate drugs-related informative news.

To tackle against the parochialism or narrow-minded cognitive notions of the social societal negative attitudes towards Singapore key populations community of people who use drugs, to provide for the appropriate and reliable data comparison on any drug-related information especially to disengaged the ‘norms’ acceptance for the mandatory death penalty and to any inhumane or derogatory treatment for any individual who are convicted of drug-related criminals offences.

Whereby, not only that Awaken Resistance is taking the initiative approaches to organise for the campaign movement but also to be standing together along with the regional and international drugs collective networking movement for the #SupportDontPunish Global Campaign Movement that seeks for the immediate stops to death penalty and the total drugs policy reforms.

With that, we at Awaken Resistance is calling out for the collective support engagement among the diverse individuals especially among the drugs past or current users to the pledge support for the #TreatmentNotPunish Campaign Movement to seeks for the quantitative and adequate statics numbers that will enhance the reciprocal engagement between the authoritarian people with power, as to provide for the appropriate social justices awareness for the immediate stops to the mandatory death penalty and to reciprocal for an alternative and flexibility drugs legislative policy that will look into the specific needs of the individual especially among (young) women, adolescence youth and children, for an appropriate and efficacy drugs rehabilitation center that provides with the effectiveness drugs clinical treatment and drugs community intervention programs.