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Too many people’s lives have subjected to endure in silent against the repression act and are leading with the mental and physical pathophysiology due to the national main goal objectives goals as a priority to strengthen with the nation own war against the global drugs war, yet however, too many of the ‘norms’ people fundamental notion is still clueless and mostly is simply just having that total ignorance attribute against the 42 years of Singapore tough measures approach of the national drug policy.

To passed on crude remarks or even to allows a person to be condemned to the mandatory death penalty, whereby to justifying against the continuous pathological liars and ignorance attribute that internalize with the total submission that underscores with the idealism that significantly is based upon the hierarchical political ideology, to essentially distributed it as an informative news for the nations. And to emphasise it as a part of the community engagement called for a national drug legislative policy tough measure approach to specifically aims to create the awareness as a national main priority to address and strengthen the effort of fighting against any individuals not to engage in any drug-related activity conducted on the island.

The manifestation needs to control with any amount of level for qualitative and adequate information news, especially on any drugs-related informative information news that could/should be accessed by Singapore social societal which are based on accordance to the discrepancy of an authoritarian people of power own discretion. By depriving anyone’s right of choices to attained with the flexibility to the freedoms of expression and speech, even though the cognitive notion is to utilise the contains from the information news as a comparison for total harmless reaction to being engaged in any articulate decision or critical thinking discussion. The general internalization align with the political ideology and the continuous pathological liars that have long been embedded among Singapore people with the authoritarian power does significantly reflect to the ‘hindsight bias judgement’ attribute, even inherit with the stigma and prejudice cognitive behaviourism notion of having the capability to contradict the original context that are significantly from a reliable and adequate publication drug-related sources of news.

To inherent with the credibility and capability to create fallibilism drug-related news, whereas to even verify for the validation of the context as an reliable and adequate drug-related information, does reflected to inherit a stereotypical and stigma attribute that leads to the manifestation negative images for any individuals who are under drug use disorder/dependency,  by associating or assuming that key population of people who under drug use disorder/dependency is naturally inherited with having a low dignity moral of illicit lifestyle, to label with the stereotype role to implicate that any individuals of past and current drug users could never reach the attempt of efforts to go ‘clean’ or ‘straight’.

Even by allowing any of the heteronormative society, through the silent discretion action of approval in contrast to any remarks that indicate for any hate-crimes action, specific to targeted among Singapore’s key population of people who under drugs use disorder/dependency deserves to be treated with a harsh and punitive punishment whereby to implemented for tough measure approach on the national drugs legislative policy of the mandatory death penalty is the ultimate core solution to justify the inhumane and uncompassionate action, which inviolability had deprives a person rights to attained the fundamental rights to the freedom to respects in dignity and the worth of the human person, to be protected with the same equal rights treatment along with the nation heteronormative societal for the promotion of socio-economic social progress and the better standard of living.

With the illustrative descriptive that had been listed out in the above paragraph, is to grasp the reader’s attentions whilst to provide for a clearer and better understanding on the awareness regards to Singapore’s key population of people who take drugs. And to launch for a new campaign awareness that specific aims to gather as much as possible support among the public society especially peer-based past and current drug user to seeks for the quantitative data statics numbers that will essentially create the significant impact requires by the Awaken Resistance for the campaign cause engagement between each of the Cabinet Minister of Singapore.

Whereas, to introduce for a local first campaign movement engagement, under the umbrella global campaign movement #SupportNotPunish, where we are at Awaken Resistance is conducting that have the local context engagement which is calls for #TreatmentNotPunish Campaign. Where we have envisioned for the Pledge Petition Signature to #TreatmentNotPunish to enhances the campaign engagement, to reach the objective goals for Singapore drug policy reforms and to put an immediate stop for the mandatory death and canning penalty. The mission of the campaign is to enhance the specific key awareness among the welfare and social human systems, to reciprocal for any drug-related community intervention programs that encapsulate on alternative drugs policy approach that is based on a comprehensive and flexibility drug policy that specific looks into each individual needs, especially on (young) women, youth adolescence and children.