Who is Awaken Resistance?

Awaken Resistance, is a people-based drugs collective movement in Singapore.

Chart Figure of Singapore Drug-Related Criminology Data Staticscriminal offence date pic

Awaken Resistance is a people-based collective movement, to addresses against the societal human systems on the stratification and inequality treatment towards the disadvantage and most marginalise key population group membership of the Singapore minority people who are under the drug/substance use disorders/dependency and even to any drug- related criminal offences especially to be specifically advocating and to promote by utilizing through the fundamental international customary norms by reminding our States Government and actor that to utilizes with the tough measures approach in targeting against person suspected of any illicit drug-related criminal offences, whereby to still displaying of having the deviance attributes significantly identified that our States Government and actors are clearly in violation to the universal declaration of human rights: not only the right to life but specifical also to be free excessive, repressive and tortuous punishments.

Notably to underscored with all three of the drugs control convention, which are based on the basic foundation principle of the universal human rights, not only that the drug control treaties have shown their high respect to be compliance along with the customary norms of the international laws of human rights but also are taking the comprehensive measure to ensure that all state members country who are a part of the signatories treaty states country are responsible to be obligated in ensuring and comprehensively review that the domestic law legislative, judicial and executive arms of government to any drug-related are in aligned with the recommendation approaches to the principle of proportionality has it is regard to be the key aspect of a sound and effectiveness drug policy.

Whereby,  Awaken Resistance are also taking the challenges made by our own Ministry of Home Affairs Mr. Shamugam, during his meeting visit for the 2016 UN General Assembly where he had openly challenged to all representatives delegates and whether Mr Shanmugam does have made any consideration to reflect back through his indirectly or direct cognitive repulsive characteristics on showing his arrogance and self-center attribute by praising that the Singapore government not only have managed to secure and safeguard the country but also have managed to reduced the influences for any individual to be associated with any drug-related illicit activity or even to take stringent and appropriate measure for any drug-related organized crime. Somehow, through the cognitive notion of Mr. Shanmugam and majority of the Singapore society will justify that the action made by our Singapore are only to shared and suggest among other delegates to viewed on the human systems of Singapore in maintaining for the past 42 years in fighting the war on drugs, yet what the Singapore government and society might have overlook is not to realise that the whole global world could simply identify the core root of the social problem happening in Singapore and to why that not only just the minority group of people who uses drugs but also intellectual and the professional group of people are also involved doing illicit drug-related activity. The ANSWER is simple, as Singapore is holding strong to the family values and culture belief acceptance the very basic and logic explanation that if the head of the household either a father or mother do not explicitly shown or are taking the same responsible for abiding by the same house rules, whereby everyone in the household are responsible for upholding the house rules notably based on common sense logical explanation will any of the children wanted to maintained the house-rules too.